President's Diversity Award 2013

Portland State President Wim Wiewel honored 10 students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors on May 22 for their work advancing diversity on campus at the Ninth Annual President’s Diversity Awards.

Staff: Kanaan Kanaan
As PSU’s Middle East student retention specialist/advisor, Kanaan seeks to make the experience of attending PSU a successful, positive, and enriching one for its large Middle Eastern student population. Their success developing confidence in a new culture, camaraderie with classmates and colleagues, and trust with professors leads to positive feedback about PSU to others in their native countries. This can lead to growth of this student population, which deepens and broadens the diversity reflected at PSU and the students it serves.

"From the Atlantic to the Gulf"

"From the Atlantic to the Gulf," an exhibit that highlights the unity of those from the Middle East and underscores their contributions to this vast region, from the East Cost of the United States to the West Coast of Africa to the Arabian Gulf.

PCC 50th Alumni Award

President & CEO

Kanaan Kanaan has spent over 25 years as a professional artist and experienced and evolving educator.  His vision has been to use art as a vehicle for learning and understanding to bridge cultures in promoting peace. Coupled with his expertise in Middle Eastern culture, he integrated his evolving art and presented lectures and workshops on Middle Eastern culture alongside his exhibits.